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by Kevin Fitzpatrick


Last week during HBO’s panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, network president Michael Lombardo revealed that Cinemax had opted not to go through with its ‘Transporter‘ TV series, despite an entire season already produced, and an earlier release date. Well, wouldn’t you know it, ‘Transporter’ will move forward with a second season at a new network, with a new showrunner!

The Hollywood Reporter announced the news, clarifying that the first season of the TV adaptation of Luc Besson film franchise performed well in France, Canada and certain Fox International territories. Frank Spotnitz (‘The X-Files‘) will come on board season 2 as showrunner, while a second season enters development with M6 in France and HBO Canada, says executive producer Fred Fuchs.

Executive produced by director Luc Besson and produced by French company Atlantique, ‘Transporter’ starred Chris Vance in the title role along with Andrea Osvart playing Frank Martin’s handler Carla, an “extremely crafty former CIA operative who organizes his missions, acts as his eyes and ears on the outside, and continually stokes the flames of their unrequited attraction.”

Vance himself remains attached to the series, though the option period of his contract has since expired, and a new deal will have to be struck to keep the actor in the role for season 2.


For some weird reason, the channels in all three regions (Canada, France and Germany) have already or are planning to air the episodes in a different order. Fyi, I'm using the German one, so here's my attempt at epic picspam of "The General's Daughter".

(Click on the larger pics below to be forwarded to parts 1 to 4 of the picture pool respectively. There are 462 images in total, and if you check them out in the right order - upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right - it feels a bit like watching the episode again.)

Transporter-101-The Generals Daughter-1 Transporter-101-The Generals Daughter-2

Transporter-101-The Generals Daughter-3 Transporter-101-The Generals Daughter-4

Dieter Hausmann

Behind the scenes of Transporter: The Series

Posted by scolaro on 2013.01.27 at 12:55
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A collection of short behind-the-scenes/making-of videos.
(English audio, French subs.)

Car stuntsCollapse )

Visual effectsCollapse )

Fight choreographyCollapse )

Who is Frank MartinCollapse )

Impressions of the actorsCollapse )

Hey! Where the hell is Charly Hübner?! As if Dieter wasn't an important part of the show... ;_;

Frank Martin

Official trailers of Transporter: The Series

Posted by scolaro on 2013.01.13 at 09:19
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This mouth-watering trailer came out in December 2012:

And here's the French one:

Unfortunately the short German trailer I found is more of an embarrassing attempt to sell the DVDs/BluRays of the show (and it won't embed here), but at least you can hear Chris' German voice as well:
---> German Trailer

Meep. The voice actors aren't bad, but I certainly prefer Chris' own voice. ;)